14 Jan

How do you get your website into Google News?

Google News is one of the top news aggregators in the world driving around 150.000.000 viewers every month. If you get a tiny share of this traffic to your website’s news section, you vastly increase your chances of getting more notoriety and converting more visitors into paying customers.
Few companies realize the importance of sydnicating their content. Even news publishers are seldom aware of the importance of having their unique content spread out as much as possible, so they just stick to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. While this approach is not bad, it only covers 30-40% of your possible audience.

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04 Jul

Redesign of Atheltic Cardio Club website – case study

Objective :

Redesign and enhance the Athletic Cardio Club website (http://www.roacc.ro/en),
add community and news sections, along with a newsletter service.
development of a web application where members could save their statistical records for the practiced sports. The web application can only be accessed using log-in credentials (username/password) generated upon registration.

Approach and methodology

MBM Software uses an agile methodology, which means the client is very frequently updated with the development stage.

Our project manager analyzed the requirements and appointed 1 designer, 2 software developers and 1 tester for the job. One programmer would be responsible for developing the website, while the other would develop the web application.

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15 Mar
13 Jan

Modernized search portal for OSIM

MBM Software finalizes the project for modernizing the search portal for OSIM. In addition to a modern user interface, the portal allows OSIM’s clients and collaborators to query and process vaste information pertaining to applications for marks and designs. Addressing requests for improved query mechanisms, MBM Software solved query problems associated with a complex database by offering interesting and productive solutions for search results presentation. OSIM is now offering a search portal that meets international standards, joining the family of partner institutions all over Europe, and attracts an increasing number of collaborators.

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