04 Mar

MBM delivers project management and planification platform

In the last days of 2015 we completed a very interesting and complex project for the Ministry for Regional Development, the Government of Romania. The project comprised a web platform that centralizes and manages the local development projects implemented by Romanian counties and other small administrative entities, such as cities or townships.

The managed projects are co-funded by the European Union and by the Ministry of Regional Development, and the workflow of the application is based on the applicable legislation.

The web application incorporates a CRM module, where the Ministry’s representatives upload all information with regard to the beneficiaries and contractors of the projects.

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02 Dec

Back from the ExpoTic in Peru

We just got back from the 2015 ExpoTic show that took place in Lima, Peru, where our company was the only romanian software web developer to exhibit its software products.

I would personally give the event a 7 out of 10, with many pros over how it was organized and some cons about the overall attendance, which, at least in the first two days, was a bit dissapointing.

Because readers usually appreciate bulleted lists, I’m now summarizing :

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15 Oct

New hardware and software audit successfully completed

We have recently completed a hardware-software audit for the National Agency for Unemployment. The scope of the contract was to review the current situation with respect to the hardware and software installed in their location.

The first step was to develop a web application consisting of a questionnaire which would be filled out by local representatives of the institution. The application was developed in PHP using modern, cutting-edge technologies such as Angular JS.  After developing the web application, we transferred it to our partner’s server infrastructure, as security requirements forbade us from installing it on a publicly accessible server.

Next, all local branches filled out the questionnaire, which covered information regarding the local hardware infrastructure (server, workstations, printers, etc), the type of software running on the local infrastructure, and what system administrators think would benefit the system in terms of functionality and redundancy.

After drilling down on all the gathered data, our specialists drew up a report containing  conclusions and recommendations on how to further improve our client’s hardware and software infrastructure.

The report was handed out to our customer, and its conclusions will most likely be grounds for the next hardware and software acquisitions and developments.

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27 May

Can you sell GPL software? The answer is YES.

As a software development company, often participating in tenders, we’ve come across situations where the requirements were to deliver a software application licensed for a fixed number of users. Most of the times, the Beneficiary expects a proprietary software, developed from scratch, and a license key (or certificate for the picky ones) that will somehow entitle them and them only to use the delivered software.

In actuality, most tender holders don’t understand the concept of “free software”, and this leads them to make a false assumption. In a way it is understandable, since on a daily basis “free” means no money. And an old saying “No money, no service”

The software market is however a bit different to most markets. A while back, the software industry came up with the concept of “free software”, trying to kick some action into the market. And the principle goes like this : Free software means you are entitled to distribute it, rebrand it, modify it, sell copies of it for whatever fee you feel it’s right for you, under one condition : you pass the same right to your client. This means, once your client has a copy of it, they can do whatever they feel like with it – sell it, modify it, rebrand it.

It took me a while to understand the concept, but at the end of the day it really makes sense. Free software opens the market to endless possibilities, breaking the monopoly installed by big software houses who keep their code well contained, and have ridiculous licensing polices.

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07 May

What is it about Sydney that takes you away?

When you go to Spain, you can’t help but notice that Spanish people are not hot and heavy about working. They’ll do it, but siesta is still their number one preference. Rain or sunshine, the Spaniards will shut downs their stores for at least two or three hours during midday. And you can’t even blame them – it’s so hot it actually stands to reason to have a break.

Now, imagine a society where siesta doesn’t exist, but instead you’ll see people brimming over with relaxation, calmness and positiveness.

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23 Apr

Trends of a Java developer

With the release of Java 8 and planning already underway for Java 9+, the entire 9M+ Java community is energized in learning more about the latest additions to the Java platform and ecosystem. This track will cover new Java features such as Lambdas, Streams, New Concurrency primitives, new JVM languages and explore how to optimize performance in Java-based systems. We’ll also investigate how enterprises are exploring the use of Java Embedded in an Internet of Things world.

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06 Apr

Back from the IT Expo in Singapore

We recently got back from the IT Expo in Singapore – the 2015 edition, where we participated as exhibitors.

MBM Software was, to my surprise, the only software outsourcing company with its own booth at the event, and, for that matter, we were a bit on the exotic side. The show itself was not particularly sprinkled with innovation, and, as opposed to this year’s CES in Las Vegas, there was almost nothing I had not seen or tried before, in terms of gadgetry.

With the exception of some interesting electric scooters, at reasonable prices, I can hardly recall anything else catching my attention.

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01 Apr

Outsourcing software development – useful tips

Organizations have resorted to outsourcing pieces of their IT needs for quite some time, but only recently large enterprises have reconsidered their strategy involving outsourcing.

When your company looks for an outsourcing IT vendor, make sure the following criteria are looked at.

1. The Range of IT Services a Company Provides

Candidate IT companies must show the ability to render a full scope of services such as preliminary business studies, quality assurance (QA), and quality code writing before expecting to produce a successful project.

2. Domain Expertise

As vendors offer a wide variety of proficiencies, you should focus on what technology a selected vendor showed competence, and look at its implemented projects, quantity and quality of results.

3. Software Quality and Professional Approach

Understand what skills vendors have to produce mockups, deliver process/methodology, and use of tracking systems combined with implementation of quality software metrics. It is important to discuss your expectations with the vendor, and examine the feedback and amount of details offered.

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11 Mar

The principles behind successfully outsourcing your software

I recently posted an article on how to optimize your software outsourcing. The growing market of software outsourcing provides many options, but few understand that a low initial cost might just be a mirage. We’ve seen both sides of the coin, having subcontracted some of our work for our software products to India and Ukraine. In the same time, many European companies outsourced their software projects to us.

You can read the full article here

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10 Feb

Final phase of NARW project

MBM Software, in collaboration with National Agency for Radioactive Waste (NARW) begin the final phase of a project for managing information of radioactive waste. Previous phases of this project created, validated, and verified the structure and performance of the database used in tracking and managing radioactive waste. In this phase, MBM software and NARW offer technological and logistical support to agencies that generate radioactive waste, for a smooth transition from local and independent management mechanisms to a efficient and productive mechanism, meeting European Union demands.

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