04 Mar

MBM delivers project management and planification platform

In the last days of 2015 we completed a very interesting and complex project for the Ministry for Regional Development, the Government of Romania. The project comprised a web platform that centralizes and manages the local development projects implemented by Romanian counties and other small administrative entities, such as cities or townships.

The managed projects are co-funded by the European Union and by the Ministry of Regional Development, and the workflow of the application is based on the applicable legislation.

The web application incorporates a CRM module, where the Ministry’s representatives upload all information with regard to the beneficiaries and contractors of the projects.

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27 Jul
30 Mar

Is there something wrong with the way BIG business is done?

Intel’s recent deal with Altera  raises ethical questions as to what is the ultimate goal of doing business. Should money and market share prevail at all costs? We invite our readers to share their opinion on how business is conducted in this modern era, where money chasing seems to be the norm.

” American giant Intel, the largest microchip manufacturer in the world, is on the brink of buying their rivals Altera, in a deal of many figures and even more undisclosed details.

The deal might go up to 10 billion dollars, and might be a confirmation of how ambitious Mr. Krzanich,  Intel’s new CEO is, and how badly Intel wants to change the business focus and address new market segments.

Altera makes micro-controllers for network equipment and cars, and recent figures have shown their market size in expanding, while Intel’s focus market, mainly consisting of personal computers has been declining severely. “

Full article available at MBM’s IT news portal

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