Reliable Remote consist of two main components:

  1. the client application is installed on the server which is about to be monitored/remotely controlled. This mode can run whether as an application – and in this case the user can interrupt the monitoring – or is installed as a Windows service – in this case, the control level is increased and the user of the monitored computer is allowed to make login/logout user operations. Furthermore, a user with restricted rights on the remotely controlled server cannot stop the server application’s running.
  2. the server application represents the management bracket through which one can take the control over the stations in the network. The application allows setting various parameters such as color depth (through the menu Bites/Pixel, that has four levels: 4, 8, 16 and 32 bites), the compression mode (with the help of the Compression menu, that has four versions: without compression, Huffman, RLE, ZLib, and compression Hextile – optional). Likewise, it the control mode of the controlled station can also be set (only visualization/ total control), combinations of special keys being available too (for example: Ctrl-Alt-Del).

Key Benefits

  • quickly resolve issues and cost-effective help-desk tool
  • multi-connections support and multiple monitors support
  • secured communication and data compression
  • acces control and authorization
  • file transfer
  • chat facility
  • deployment tool
  • algorithm selection by choosing compression
  • high-speed application by setting color-depth
  • low-eaten resources
  • helpdesk and inventory integration
  • configuration file for remote installation
  • free technical support for 1 year

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