With Reliable Assets System you get a complete and accurate picture of your IT infrastructure. You can automatically track hardware configurations, software installations, software licenses, and a wealth of other asset data efficiently and effectively. This lets you make decisions based solely on facts, not assumptions.

Brief description

Reliable Assets helps the IT manager undertake the right course of action when it comes to making new investments, upgrading the infrastructure and setting the security policies for his network. The ability to track assets assures managers that they know exactly what they own or lease, the location of these assets, and who is using them throughout the asset life cycle, from initial planning and acquisition through disposition.

Key Benefits
  • Client-Server application
  • Extensive hardware and software collecting information
  • Assembler and WMI technologies used to collect data
  • History record
  • Web based reliable interface
  • Fully integrated with helpdesk solution
  • Predefined reports
  • No extra-costs
  • Low-eaten resorces

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