Web design & application development services

We offer professional web design and application development.

Our designers are ready to provide the best art-work for your web site or web application.

The key to a good web design is taking into account user experience but also keeping focus on how to optimize the visitor’s click flow, and increase your chances of converting visitors into actual customers. This is why we don’t only develop eye-catching web sites or interfaces, but we also zoom in on making your visitors’ experience pleasant and helpful.

One rule we stick to is never make your visitor click more than 3 times to get them where you want. But we have many other useful tips and advice we’re ready to share with you as soon as we start working together.

Through the process of building your web-site or application, we work using an agile methodology. This means that you get to see pieces of work as they are built. Based on your input, we are always sure to follow the specifications we settled on.

As for our skills, our developers are fluent in programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, .NET .

We work with the most known databased on the market – MySQL, POSTGRESQL, MSSQL, ORACLE.

Here’s how we work :

1) You tell us what type of web-site or application you want.

2) Our sales representative will contact you, analyze your requirements and come up with the best business solution.

3) After consulting with the project manager, our sales representative will send you an price quote based on the number of days it takes our developers to make your web-site or application.

4) If you agree with the price, we sign a contract and get started right away.

What you should choose us:

1) 300+ satisfied customers. A rich portfolio of clients having websites or using web-application or software developed by our team of experiences programmers.

2) 10 years of experience. We know where the market goes and can provide valuable advice on how to position your business in the online environment

3) We deliver quickly, and have affordable prices

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