In only a few years the company acquired over 200 clients from both the public and private sectors, in various branches of activity like education, research, environment, energy, banking.


rompreslogo-enAgerpres is the most important news agency from Romania and the most reliable information source for press organizations around the world.

Agrana Romania

agrana2AGRANA International GmgH Austria is one of the biggest Austrian investors in Romania since 1998.

National Nuclear Agency

sigla_roNuclear Agency is a state structure that provides consultance to the Romanian Government in the nuclear field.

GDF Suez

gdfOne of the leading energy providers in the world, GDF SUEZ is active across the entire energy value chain, in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream


anmThe main object  of the National Meteorological Administration is represented climatology and the integration of this activity in the conventions and international relations system.

Credit Europe Bank

crediteuropeCredit Europe Bank (Romania) – former Finansbank (Romania) – is an universal bank, offering wide range of products and services for individuals, SME’s, manufacturers and corporate clients.


andradThe law 320/2003 , defines ANDRAD as the national competent authority for coordination at the national level of the safe management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, including disposal.

APT Resources & Services

aptA comprehensive human resources services group as well as an integrated communications /public relations group

Groupe Avenir Telecom


In the Group since 1999, Avenir Telecom Romania is now a major distributor in the country thanks to the dual sales channel: direct and indirect. It provides companies with phone fleets thanks to a dedicated sales force.


bitlandVideo surveillance and security solutions provider.


cadbury2Company producing great quality chocolate.

Credit Europe Bank

crediteuropeCredit Europe Bank (Romania) – former Finansbank (Romania) – is an universal bank, offering wide range of products and services for individuals, SME’s, manufacturers and corporate clients, through its 70 service points and alternative delivery chanelles as ATM’s, POS’s network and internet banking.


ctceSoftware development company.


drpDepartamentul pentru Relatia cu Parlamentul (DRP) functioneaza ca structura in aparatul de lucru al Guvernului, cu personalitate juridica, avand rolul de a asigura buna desfasurare a raporturilor constitutionale dintre Guvern si Parlament.


elpreco2Major construction material producer.


estagrotehAgricultural machinary provider.


eximbankThe Export Import Bank of Romania, EximBank was set up in 1992 as a stock company with the Romanian State as major share holder.


fngcimm National Fund for Guaranteeing Credits for Small and Medium Enterprises was established in December 2001, pursuant to legislature 133/1999 regarding development of small and medium enterprises.


gdfOne of the leading energy providers in the world, GDF SUEZ is active across the entire energy value chain, in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream.

General Turbo

generalturboGeneral Turbo is the main Romanian producer of power generation equipment for thermal power plants which use classic fuels (coal, heavy, oil, gas) or nuclear.


hondaHonda Trading Romania.


icdppResearch and Development Institute for Plant Protection is a public research and development institution acting under the supervision of Gheorghe Ionescu Academy of Agricultural Sciences


icpetecoEcology and environment protection.


imsatThe company IMSAT is specialized in the trades of mechanical engineering and erection, steel structures engineering and erection, electrical engineering, industrial process, HVAC, security systems, industrial shelters, maintenance


INCDMTMNCDMTM is created for developing activities of scientific research and technological development in the flied of fine mechanics and mecatronics, measurement techniques and quality management.


ierEuropean Institute in Romania is a public institution whose role is to support public administration, business environment, and civil society in understanding and applying the conditions resulting as joining EU.


inma1National Institute of Research Development for Machines and Installations Designed to Agriculture and Food Industry.


ispeFounded in 1949 the Institute for Studies and Power Engineering became, after several restructuring processes, a 100% private and independent Romanian Company.


griroGRIRO is manufacturer of complex and high quality Process Equipment for Refineries, Petrochemical & Gas, Fertilizer and Chemical, Power Stations.

Lauster & Radu Arhitecti

lausterMihai Radu Architects PLLC and Lauster & Radu Architects PC, founded in 1983, serve clients through design, planning, construction, and real estate development. The firm currently has offices in New York, Bucharest, and Germany. All offices are fully digital in operations, including: CAD, 3-D imaging, database, scheduling, and internet operations.


larosoLaroso Partners is the first company to import dermocosmetic products for maintenance and skin care, hair and not least the make-up products that will spoil the first use. Being unique importer in Romania, Laroso Partners brings to our country three major royal brands:
Dr. R.A. Eckstein, KIS and John van G.

Monitorul Oficial

monitorul-oficialBeing established in 1991, Monitorul Oficial R.A. was entitled to carry on the task of publishing the official journal of Romania, which had initially been released in 1832.

More Than Pub

morethanpubDirect marketing agency.


novapolisNovapolis Association – Center for Analysis and Development Initiative is a non-governmental organization specializing in developing projects in social, migration and integration of foreigners in Romania, the labor mobility in the European space, in the field of education and promoting democratic values.


osimNational Office for Inventions and Trademarks is a state entity concerned with the promotion and securing of industrial property.

Oxygen IT

profesionalitThe company offers consulting services and solutions for infrastructure, software, and web.


omniasigSolid insurance group, consisting of OMNIASIG Insurance-Reinsurance Company, OMNIASIG Life Insurance, OMNIASIG-AGI and OMNIASIG-ASIRAG


petromservice2The main private company for industrial service in Romani.

Proiect Bucuresti

pb2A major presence on the designing market for city buildings.


radetRADET is the most important distributor of heat supplier from Bucharest.


reagReal Estate Advisory Group is a subsidiary of the American Appraisal Group, a world leader in the field of real estate valuation since 1896.


ringier2The leading foreign publisher in publications segment.


The leading press distribution company in Romania


roecologicPart of the German group CHINOX Beteililgungs GmbH, RO-ECOLOGIC offers integrated solutions for waste management.


romarm2National Company for Military Technique – manufacturer and exporter

SIVECO Romania

sivecoEAS, eLearning, eHealth, eBusiness, eGovernment and software solutions provider.

Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN)

snnNuclearelectrica was set up in July 1998, with the Romanian state holding 90,28% of the shares and the Property Fund with 9,72% shares.

Titan TMG

titanDesigners and manufacturers of quality, heavy machinery

Vector Software

Oracle certified advantage partner.

Vivani Salubritate

vivaniThe company VIVANI SALUBRITATE, part of the German group CHINOX Beteililgungs GmbH, offers integrated solutions for waste management.

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