MBM Software & Partners holds the ISO 9001:2001 certificate since 2007 (Certificate no. 6739 C). MBM SOFTWARE & PARTNERS quality management represents a management approach that focuses on product and sales quality, is based on the full involvement of each employee and aims at attaining long term success by fulfilling the expectations of the clients and generating advantages for both the organization and its partners.

In all our actions, we consider the following driving factors:

  • the quality, which is the most important objective of our organization;
  • emphasis on client;
  • employee motivation for quality;
  • benchmarking for identifying better marketing practices;
  • the development of strategic partnerships;
  • the development of the management capacity of all the managers in subdivisions;
  • customer-supplier relationship internalization;
  • systemic vision of the organization functioning;
  • establishing and monitoring objectives and taking decisions on a rational basis.

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