14 Jan

How do you get your website into Google News?

Google News is one of the top news aggregators in the world driving around 150.000.000 viewers every month. If you get a tiny share of this traffic to your website’s news section, you vastly increase your chances of getting more notoriety and converting more visitors into paying customers.

Few companies realize the importance of sydnicating their content. Even news publishers are seldom aware of the importance of having their unique content spread out as much as possible, so they just stick to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. While this approach is not bad, it only covers 30-40% of your possible audience.

Why do companies mostly focus on keywords SEO?

Generally people tend to browse the Internet and search for various information on Google and, less frequently nowadays, on Yahoo!. This is why most of our Search Engine Optimization requests focus on getting a website up on the first page for some keywords that the client is confident will generate more sails. Again, this is a very legitimate goal, and most business actually benefit from this, although most of the times the end results cannot be guranteed.

My advice is to stay away from those who promise a rapid growth for common keywords. They may use complicated shady backlinks and all type of fake generated content, that may in fact make Google penalize you at a certain point. The trend with Google is to credit unique content more and more, and index your site based on the relevance of a keyword vis-a-vis that unique content.

Of course, there are many other technical things to factor in, and things such as adding relevant meta tags, switching to https or having a mobile friendly site, score points with Google, but all in all the focus has changed on having fresh, unique content.

Google News, Bing News, Yahoo! News and the other news aggregators

According to Alexa Global Traffic, starting 2016, Google News and Yahoo! News gather around 300.000.000 monthy visitors on the average, with Yahoo! News slightly edging Google News by 20.000.000 visitors.

I should tell you from the start that Yahoo! News has no official submission form for new websites, and all our efforts have faced an unbreakable wall of silence. There is simply NO WAY you can reach them, and they won’t even give you a straight NO answer. I have tried it every which way, and I finally realised that it is just best to let go. I think they somehow pick out their news sources manually based on some undisclosed criteria. I will update this article as soon as I discover something new.

However, Google News is a different story. Their website admission criteria is pretty clear and after checking to see that you are compliant against their guidelines, you can fill-out their online form. The review process can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, but if you are compliant, you get accepted.

Other news aggregators that you might want to consider applying for are Mashable, News 360 and Flipboard. There are many others, of course, and each may bring you additional readers, so don’t overlook even the smaller news services.

How can MBM Software help you?

Over the past 5 years we have had many projects that required preparing a website for inclusion in major news aggregators. One very recent project is the pay per answers service – https://www/helpmeoutdoc.com/news , which was designed and developed according to Google News guidelines. The website’s news section was included in Google News in 2014, and has since increased its traffic more than 100 folds, due to news articles being syndicated worldwide by Google News.

Below you can see how the news articles have been indexed by Google News, and, as a result, your information gets picked up by hundreds and hundreds of news services.


If your content is interested enough, you can event get quoted by major news services, such as the BBC or IBTIMES. Below, I have included a screen capture of an article published on International Business Times, that quotes helpmeoutdoc.com. This article, published in 2014, referred around 3000 clicks to the helpmeoutdoc.com website.




If you want to prepare your website for Google Submission, give us a call or fill-out the form available in the Get a Quote section. We’ll start by reviewing your business profile and then we’ll proceed to the list of recommendations and an estimate of the workload and price, to get your site compliant with Google News standards.

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