08 Mar

WordPress and MSSQL, who would have thought?

We have recently studied a very interesting platform that allows for WordPress to work with MS SQL. It is called ProjectNami, and it is an open source platform, pretty well mentained, which has the capability of working with SQL Azure, and uses Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and up.

This project is extremely interesting as it does not change any of the WordPress core functionalities, so you can go ahead and install any theme or plugin that has been tested against the latest WordPress version (right now compatibility with WordPress 4.4.2 is provided).

In fact, the authors even say that “Project Nami has a single initial goal — to teach WordPress to natively speak MSSQL while maintaining full compatibility with properly written plugins and themes”

With the web development market being split to somewhat equal fractions between PHP and the other technologies, I’m just wondering how much from the ASP .NET market this new platform will bite…Time will tell.


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