01 Oct

How do the big players create added value these days?

I remember a while ago that Larry Page took great pride in the way Google put forth a new business paradigm – don’t just go 10% beyond, go the whole mile.
Back in those days (I think it must have been 2003 or something), Gmail came up with 10 Gb of free storage as opposed to Yahoo!’s mere 100 Mb. Some of my friends back then were a bit reticent about switching to Gmail, saying that this is just a trick to win them over, and that Google will soon make them pay for the service or have them downsize to something similar to Yahoo! .
This did not happen, and everybody had to adjust to a new reality, which was much better for the end user, thus creating an obvious added value.
In an interview a while ago, if I’m not mistaking, Mr. Page actually said that he thinks there is something wrong with the way business is being conducted these days, as the ultimate goal of a businessman should not be to steal their competitors’ clients, but rather to offer something that would benefit the customer to a much greater extent.
At least this is what I thought the bottom line was.
After all, this is what made Facebook and broke Hi5; or made YouTube the victor over MySpace.

But now, that things are not so flared up as 5-10 year ago, let’s return to the question inside the title. What do you think the added value of a video inside a profile is?

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