04 Mar

MBM delivers project management and planification platform

In the last days of 2015 we completed a very interesting and complex project for the Ministry for Regional Development, the Government of Romania. The project comprised a web platform that centralizes and manages the local development projects implemented by Romanian counties and other small administrative entities, such as cities or townships.

The managed projects are co-funded by the European Union and by the Ministry of Regional Development, and the workflow of the application is based on the applicable legislation.

The web application incorporates a CRM module, where the Ministry’s representatives upload all information with regard to the beneficiaries and contractors of the projects.

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03 Nov

MBM delivers web-based micromanagement platform

Two weeks ago we finalized the development and implementation of a web platform for micro-managing activities related to environmental data mapping across the Bistrita county.

The project was technically complex, with an extremely specific workflow implying entities and transitions that were very much restricted to the environmental area.

The key to this project was seeing through the rather unfamiliar terminology, and trying to match what the client wanted to what actually is, in more friendly terms, a project management solution.

In the beginning we thought it would be a piece of cake, but things got complicated a bit when we had to create the OMRs, transitions, code the whole project and then integrate the system with the NATURA 2000 database.

All in all, I’d say it was tough, but it was fun. What matters most is that our client, a Biodiversity NGO was very pleased with the outcome.

If you’d like to know more about the project, or are searching for a similar solution, drop us an email.

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15 Oct

New hardware and software audit successfully completed

We have recently completed a hardware-software audit for the National Agency for Unemployment. The scope of the contract was to review the current situation with respect to the hardware and software installed in their location.

The first step was to develop a web application consisting of a questionnaire which would be filled out by local representatives of the institution. The application was developed in PHP using modern, cutting-edge technologies such as Angular JS.  After developing the web application, we transferred it to our partner’s server infrastructure, as security requirements forbade us from installing it on a publicly accessible server.

Next, all local branches filled out the questionnaire, which covered information regarding the local hardware infrastructure (server, workstations, printers, etc), the type of software running on the local infrastructure, and what system administrators think would benefit the system in terms of functionality and redundancy.

After drilling down on all the gathered data, our specialists drew up a report containing  conclusions and recommendations on how to further improve our client’s hardware and software infrastructure.

The report was handed out to our customer, and its conclusions will most likely be grounds for the next hardware and software acquisitions and developments.

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