07 Dec

Providing Use License for Reliable Assets: Water Basin Administration Argeş-Vedea

MBM Software provides use license for Reliable Assets to Water Basic Administration, Arges Vedea. “To this client we offered a solution that exceeds competition not only in ease of administration, but also in the types of managed assets. Reliable Assets recognizes and manages not only the IT assets, but also other resources specific to our client”, informs Stefan Vascocenco, Software Developer at MBM Software.

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05 Nov

Purchasing Reliable Assets License: National Authority for Traffic Control

MBM Software delivers use license for Reliable Assets to National Authority for Traffic Control. “As far as ease of use and flexibility are concerned, Reliable Assets is an reputable contender. Traditionally, collecting information regarding offline resources is a slow and inefficient process. Reliable Assests corrects this situation by collecting offline resource information provided by barcode readers, improving speed, flexibility, and precision of the information gathering process”, states Ion Gireada, Project Manager at MBM Software.

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