01 Apr

Outsourcing software development – useful tips

Organizations have resorted to outsourcing pieces of their IT needs for quite some time, but only recently large enterprises have reconsidered their strategy involving outsourcing.

When your company looks for an outsourcing IT vendor, make sure the following criteria are looked at.

1. The Range of IT Services a Company Provides

Candidate IT companies must show the ability to render a full scope of services such as preliminary business studies, quality assurance (QA), and quality code writing before expecting to produce a successful project.

2. Domain Expertise

As vendors offer a wide variety of proficiencies, you should focus on what technology a selected vendor showed competence, and look at its implemented projects, quantity and quality of results.

3. Software Quality and Professional Approach

Understand what skills vendors have to produce mockups, deliver process/methodology, and use of tracking systems combined with implementation of quality software metrics. It is important to discuss your expectations with the vendor, and examine the feedback and amount of details offered.

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