27 May

Can you sell GPL software? The answer is YES.

As a software development company, often participating in tenders, we’ve come across situations where the requirements were to deliver a software application licensed for a fixed number of users. Most of the times, the Beneficiary expects a proprietary software, developed from scratch, and a license key (or certificate for the picky ones) that will somehow entitle them and them only to use the delivered software.

In actuality, most tender holders don’t understand the concept of “free software”, and this leads them to make a false assumption. In a way it is understandable, since on a daily basis “free” means no money. And an old saying “No money, no service”

The software market is however a bit different to most markets. A while back, the software industry came up with the concept of “free software”, trying to kick some action into the market. And the principle goes like this : Free software means you are entitled to distribute it, rebrand it, modify it, sell copies of it for whatever fee you feel it’s right for you, under one condition : you pass the same right to your client. This means, once your client has a copy of it, they can do whatever they feel like with it – sell it, modify it, rebrand it.

It took me a while to understand the concept, but at the end of the day it really makes sense. Free software opens the market to endless possibilities, breaking the monopoly installed by big software houses who keep their code well contained, and have ridiculous licensing polices.

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16 May

Back from CeBIT. And a glass of Australian wine.

As I promised, I’m returning with some details on how CeBIT went and what 2015’s main attractions were. The show was well organized, and many of the big companies were actually there with booths, from big software players to hardware innovators and web developers and mobile apps makers such as ourselves.

One thing that struck us however was the rather scarce crowd, which, according to an unofficial explanation (the guys from the booth next to us), is to be blamed on the change of location.

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07 May

What is it about Sydney that takes you away?

When you go to Spain, you can’t help but notice that Spanish people are not hot and heavy about working. They’ll do it, but siesta is still their number one preference. Rain or sunshine, the Spaniards will shut downs their stores for at least two or three hours during midday. And you can’t even blame them – it’s so hot it actually stands to reason to have a break.

Now, imagine a society where siesta doesn’t exist, but instead you’ll see people brimming over with relaxation, calmness and positiveness.

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25 Apr

Business Process Management heads toward new directions

Technology worldwide shows new horizons this year, causing firms to change how they work. Four key directions that will continue to make an impact in 2015 are listed below.

Big data

Big data is a complex set of information that is far too large to be handled on the likes of a standard database. It is being used in a variety of industries to target customers better, deal with the likes of risk management and making complicated predictions surrounding big business decisions.

This is particularly useful in financial services, where big data has become very prevalent. By making use of the insights and predictions that the data can throw up, employees of firms can make decisions that are based on risks, such as whether or not someone is credit worthy, and if a decision is likely to have a negative impact on the company.

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23 Apr

Trends of a Java developer

With the release of Java 8 and planning already underway for Java 9+, the entire 9M+ Java community is energized in learning more about the latest additions to the Java platform and ecosystem. This track will cover new Java features such as Lambdas, Streams, New Concurrency primitives, new JVM languages and explore how to optimize performance in Java-based systems. We’ll also investigate how enterprises are exploring the use of Java Embedded in an Internet of Things world.

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11 Apr

6 Trends in Database Management

Concepts in database management hardly fall in the category of come-and-go, as the cost of shifting between technical approaches overwhelms producers, managers, and designers. However, there are several trends in database management, and knowing how to take advantage of them will benefit your organization. Following are the some of the current trends:

1. Databases that bridge SQL/NoSQL

The latest trends in database products are those that don’t simply embrace a single database structure. Instead, the databases bridge SQL and NoSQL, giving users the best capabilities offered by both. This includes products that allow users to access a NoSQL database in the same way as a relational database, for example.

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06 Apr

Back from the IT Expo in Singapore

We recently got back from the IT Expo in Singapore – the 2015 edition, where we participated as exhibitors.

MBM Software was, to my surprise, the only software outsourcing company with its own booth at the event, and, for that matter, we were a bit on the exotic side. The show itself was not particularly sprinkled with innovation, and, as opposed to this year’s CES in Las Vegas, there was almost nothing I had not seen or tried before, in terms of gadgetry.

With the exception of some interesting electric scooters, at reasonable prices, I can hardly recall anything else catching my attention.

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01 Apr

Outsourcing software development – useful tips

Organizations have resorted to outsourcing pieces of their IT needs for quite some time, but only recently large enterprises have reconsidered their strategy involving outsourcing.

When your company looks for an outsourcing IT vendor, make sure the following criteria are looked at.

1. The Range of IT Services a Company Provides

Candidate IT companies must show the ability to render a full scope of services such as preliminary business studies, quality assurance (QA), and quality code writing before expecting to produce a successful project.

2. Domain Expertise

As vendors offer a wide variety of proficiencies, you should focus on what technology a selected vendor showed competence, and look at its implemented projects, quantity and quality of results.

3. Software Quality and Professional Approach

Understand what skills vendors have to produce mockups, deliver process/methodology, and use of tracking systems combined with implementation of quality software metrics. It is important to discuss your expectations with the vendor, and examine the feedback and amount of details offered.

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30 Mar

Is there something wrong with the way BIG business is done?

Intel’s recent deal with Altera  raises ethical questions as to what is the ultimate goal of doing business. Should money and market share prevail at all costs? We invite our readers to share their opinion on how business is conducted in this modern era, where money chasing seems to be the norm.

” American giant Intel, the largest microchip manufacturer in the world, is on the brink of buying their rivals Altera, in a deal of many figures and even more undisclosed details.

The deal might go up to 10 billion dollars, and might be a confirmation of how ambitious Mr. Krzanich,  Intel’s new CEO is, and how badly Intel wants to change the business focus and address new market segments.

Altera makes micro-controllers for network equipment and cars, and recent figures have shown their market size in expanding, while Intel’s focus market, mainly consisting of personal computers has been declining severely. “

Full article available at MBM’s IT news portal

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14 Mar

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