06 Apr

Back from the IT Expo in Singapore

We recently got back from the IT Expo in Singapore – the 2015 edition, where we participated as exhibitors.

MBM Software was, to my surprise, the only software outsourcing company with its own booth at the event, and, for that matter, we were a bit on the exotic side. The show itself was not particularly sprinkled with innovation, and, as opposed to this year’s CES in Las Vegas, there was almost nothing I had not seen or tried before, in terms of gadgetry.

With the exception of some interesting electric scooters, at reasonable prices, I can hardly recall anything else catching my attention.

The image below shows my buddy Mihai Butolo explaining away the ins and outs, the overs and unders of software outsourcing, to one of the attendees. In the back, some girls were probably chuckling over our unusual appearance at a mostly local show. I was on a break, overindulging in the absolutely delicious Indian food served in a food court nearby.

Returning to Singapore after 7 years, I have to say I personally went through a mix of feelings. On one hand, you’re purely overcome with the development pace at which Singapore is moving forward. It’s just unbelievable how much money is pumped into this little country, and how well Singapore is using it.

On the other hand, rapid growth has its hidden costs, and Singapore is no exception.

7 years ago, you would get from Clarke Quay to Sentosa Island in a bit more than 1 hour. Now you get there in 30 minutes. I took the the subway and the cable car, in pursuit of an enjoyable, quiet day at the beach. I was in for the opposite. The view from the cable car is self-explanatory.

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