16 May

Back from CeBIT. And a glass of Australian wine.

As I promised, I’m returning with some details on how CeBIT went and what 2015’s main attractions were. The show was well organized, and many of the big companies were actually there with booths, from big software players to hardware innovators, web developers and mobile apps makers such as ourselves.

One thing that struck us however was the rather scarce crowd, which, according to an unofficial explanation (the guys from the booth next to us), is to be blamed on the change of location. As 2015, the show is organized at the Sydney Olympic Park, which is rather far from city centre (approx. 30 minutes by train). This, however, showed its positive sides, in the sense that most of the visitors were actually interested in what was exhibited, and didn’t just pop-in out of curiosity.

As usually, we did our job with  dedication and professionalism, although  the show got stolen by Mr. Elon Musk’s  Tesla appearance, who did not only display grace and power, but I think announces a soon to arrive revolution in the industry.

Finally, after three exhausting but rewarding days, we took a break and drove down to the Hunter Valley, for some good steak and a much appreciated taste of Australian wine.

It wasn’t quite the movie Sideways, but Mihai’s gentle grip on the wine bottle and the delicious beef ribs, slowly cooked by Harrigan’s chef, shows why you shouldn’t miss a trip here.

Mihai Butolo Hunter Valley

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