27 Jul

The rise and fall of the Flash Player

Not long ago, Flash was perching up on a pedestal as the fastest growing technology for game development. Tons of games popped out of nowhere, on a daily basis, and the Flash Player was compatible to virtually all browsers.

Things however are about to change dramatically, as Mozilla recently announced it would REMOVE the Flash Player from all its Firefox browsers (YES, that’s correct, even older versions).

The announcement was made by Mark Schmidt, head of Support at Mozilla, in a recent tweet.

The problem is, of course, security, which has always been a Adobe’s flaw when it comes to Flash. More precisely, two major security errors : CVE-2015-5122 and CVE-2015-5123 need to be fixed by Adobe, before Mozilla green-flags Flash again.

With HTML5 coming strong from behind, no security issues, incredible speed and accuracy – I’m just wondering how long before Flash will be taken out completely?

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