30 Mar

Is there something wrong with the way BIG business is done?

Intel’s recent deal with Altera  raises ethical questions as to what is the ultimate goal of doing business. Should money and market share prevail at all costs? We invite our readers to share their opinion on how business is conducted in this modern era, where money chasing seems to be the norm.

” American giant Intel, the largest microchip manufacturer in the world, is on the brink of buying their rivals Altera, in a deal of many figures and even more undisclosed details.

The deal might go up to 10 billion dollars, and might be a confirmation of how ambitious Mr. Krzanich,  Intel’s new CEO is, and how badly Intel wants to change the business focus and address new market segments.

Altera makes micro-controllers for network equipment and cars, and recent figures have shown their market size in expanding, while Intel’s focus market, mainly consisting of personal computers has been declining severely. “

Full article available at MBM’s IT news portal

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14 Mar
11 Mar

The principles behind successfully outsourcing your software

I recently posted an article on how to optimize your software outsourcing. The growing market of software outsourcing provides many options, but few understand that a low initial cost might just be a mirage. We’ve seen both sides of the coin, having subcontracted some of our work for our software products to India and Ukraine. In the same time, many European companies outsourced their software projects to us.

You can read the full article here

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15 Mar
10 Mar
10 Feb

Final phase of NARW project

MBM Software, in collaboration with National Agency for Radioactive Waste (NARW) begin the final phase of a project for managing information of radioactive waste. Previous phases of this project created, validated, and verified the structure and performance of the database used in tracking and managing radioactive waste. In this phase, MBM software and NARW offer technological and logistical support to agencies that generate radioactive waste, for a smooth transition from local and independent management mechanisms to a efficient and productive mechanism, meeting European Union demands.

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13 Jan

Modernized search portal for OSIM

MBM Software finalizes the project for modernizing the search portal for OSIM. In addition to a modern user interface, the portal allows OSIM’s clients and collaborators to query and process vaste information pertaining to applications for marks and designs. Addressing requests for improved query mechanisms, MBM Software solved query problems associated with a complex database by offering interesting and productive solutions for search results presentation. OSIM is now offering a search portal that meets international standards, joining the family of partner institutions all over Europe, and attracts an increasing number of collaborators.

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07 Dec

Providing Use License for Reliable Assets: Water Basin Administration Argeş-Vedea

MBM Software provides use license for Reliable Assets to Water Basic Administration, Arges Vedea. “To this client we offered a solution that exceeds competition not only in ease of administration, but also in the types of managed assets. Reliable Assets recognizes and manages not only the IT assets, but also other resources specific to our client”, informs Stefan Vascocenco, Software Developer at MBM Software.

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05 Nov

Purchasing Reliable Assets License: National Authority for Traffic Control

MBM Software delivers use license for Reliable Assets to National Authority for Traffic Control. “As far as ease of use and flexibility are concerned, Reliable Assets is an reputable contender. Traditionally, collecting information regarding offline resources is a slow and inefficient process. Reliable Assests corrects this situation by collecting offline resource information provided by barcode readers, improving speed, flexibility, and precision of the information gathering process”, states Ion Gireada, Project Manager at MBM Software.

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28 Nov

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